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Carolyn - PA

"A must hire! When was the last time you read your insurance documents? Most likely, never. When you need your insurance, do not assume your insurance company is there to help you. It is important to have a professional who knows the industry and their language and will be on your side. That is what Luparello will do for you. They will be able to get you every last cent out of your policy, much more than you will be able to do on your own. The insurance companies have no problem taking advantage of a situation. Make sure you have a professional who will do all the talking and work for you. Luparello was a lifesaver for us in a really tragic time. I'm extremely grateful for them for getting us our full policy pay out and relieving so much stress. And they did it extremely fast. I highly recommend!"

Chung - Queens

"I had a great experience with Anthony on my claim. He is very professional , well-mannered and has tremendous know-hows through his carrier. If anyone has claim issues with Insurance Carrier, use Anthony. YOU WON'T REGRET. 100% Recommended. Thanks, Anthony."

Mark - Nassau

"After hurricane Isaias, i found out quickly that a public adjuster is a must!!! The insurance company was not helpful and actually extremely low on repair estimates...

Anthony was great throughout this nightmare of a process, he took over all the dealings with insurance Co. walking me through every step and got me the amounts that were fair and just and in a timely manner..

He is easy to reach and answered all my questions. I would recommend Anthony Luparello to anyone!"

Giovanna - Queens

"This past winter I had a water damage on my home and Anthony did take care all the paper work and the adjustment with the insurance. I was very happy of the result."

Jack - Suffolk

"Anthony Luparello is honest, accountable and highly capable. He handled everything after my problem occurred, all I had to do was pick up my check from the insurance company. He got me a maximum payout with very little bother to me. He handled everything from clean-up to handling all the details that I needed taken care of. I recommend him highly, without hesitation. If you ever have a situation that requires an insurance claim, do not trust the insurance company to handle your claim, call Anthony and he'll handle it in a professional manner and get you the maximum payout. Thanks Anthony!"

Naz - Nassau

"So helpful and kind. Really helped us out in such a big way. His staff is unbelievable and they really work hard for you. Was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to all my friends and family."

Shel - Nassau

"No words of gratitude will be enough to describe Luparello Public Adjustment Group.

Anthony is so knowledgeable, compassionate and very efficient. He is the best in his business. He took away all my worries, all appraisals went so smoothly and reimbursement was maximum. All his advices were on point.

I am definitely recommend him to everyone.

I wish nothing which requires his help ever happen but if it does- there is no one better than Anthony Luparello.

Thank you so much."

Greg - Nassau

"Great experience working Luparello Public Adjustment Group. Knowledgeable. Professional. Thorough. Responsive. Everything I could have hoped for."

Jil - Manhattan

"Anthony Luparello has always been great to work with! He has always responded quickly to my questions and concerns. ! They are professional, friendly and care about their customers. I highly recommend them."

Michael - Queens

"Anthony Luparello has always been great to work with! He has always responded quickly to my questions and concerns. ! They are professional, friendly and care about their customers. I highly recommend them."

Alex - Westchester

"We are so happy that we worked with Anthony for our insurance claim. We were able to reach him after-hours to handle our emergency claim and he was at our house the next morning. He answered all of our questions and helped us get the results we needed quickly. You are in good hands with the Luparello Group!"

Elias - Queens

"Anthony Luparello was referred to me by a friend who is also satisfied client and he lived up to expectations. Extremely professional, was very attentive and straight forward and most importantly got us every dollar from the insurance company that was due."

Michael - Nassau

"Anthony Luparello was as good as it gets handling my claim. He was professional, diligent ,and courteous. He is someone you want on your side when handling claims with insurance companies. I definitely would recommend him."

Jim - Suffolk

"I highly recommend Luparello Public Adjustment Group. I had significant water damage in my home. Anthony was able to walk me through the whole process, met the insurance adjustor at my house and was able to expedite payment. I was extremely happy with the result. They are a must use if you have an insurance claim!"

Charles - Brooklyn

"I've had an unbelievably positive experience with Anthony and the team. They far exceeded my expectations in every way possible throughout the process, and afterwards. If you need an adjuster, these are the people to talk to - don't bother with other companies."

Angelina - Manhasset

"Had a great experience working with Anthony and his team while dealing with water damage in our home. He was always a quick phone call away and one step ahead and ready to answer any questions we had. What could have been a stressful process went very smoothly and would definitely recommend Anthony to anyone."

Thomas - Suffolk County

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." Red Adair

"Never has this quote been so true. When my home flooded I was completely lost and had no idea where to begin until I was referred to Anthony. He walked me through the process of getting the damage appraised, negotiated the losses and was able to get me a significant amount more than I could have on my own. With his knowledge from experience he knew exactly what to look for and his ability to get to the home within a few hours of calling him made all the difference. Thank you Anthony"

Robert - Nassau County

"I highly recommend Anthony for any matter related to an insurance claim. Especially in my case, where the claim was major one, it was necessary and a great decision to hire him as my adjuster. He put my mind at ease, readily answered my questions, handled everything professionally, and managed the entire process from start to finish. In my estimation, this isn’t something you would ever do on your own - so definitely hire someone – and Anthony was great. Good luck to all that experience these unfortunate circumstances."

Rafael - Queens

"I was very impressed with Anthony’s professionalism, constant updates via email and phone, and most of all, aggressive protection of my interest. Anthony was able to achieve the highest possible settlement for my business that was flooded. Anthony’s knowledge, expertise and negotiation skills were crucial in dealing with my insurance company.

The entire office staff was always ready to answer my questions and concerns. They truly care about their clients no matter how big or small your claim is. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYONE in the event if you find yourself in a situation like mine, to put your interest and trust into Anthony Luparello’s hands and be assured that he will fight for what is rightfully owed to you!!"

Andrew - East Hampton

"When we had an issue with flooding in our basement- the first call I made was to Anthony. I am thrilled that I did. Anthony’s expertise, diligence and attention to detail made what could have been an incredibly stressful time as seamless as possible. He thoroughly reviewed our insurance policy, assessed the damages and even got us set up immediately with a restoration company. Most importantly, the insurance claim process was swift and yielded the proper amount for us to be made whole. I cannot speak anymore highly of Anthony and his team and would enthusiastically recommend him to family and friends."

Mary - Whitestone

  • "A cold snowy Sunday morning last February our house had a fire in the attic. I was referred to Anthony minutes after the fire in our house was extinguished.
  • He arrived quickly and took charge of the situation.
  • There was so much chaos with people bombarding us to hire them and some pretending to be City officials.
  • Initially, Anthony found us temporary shelter at a nearby hotel.
  • The house and contents had enormous damage.
  • Anthony immediately knew what to do, from contacting our insurance company , to hiring a restoration company , and sending his team to access all damages.
  • The insurance company was slow with their initial offer.
  • This was totally unacceptable.
  • Anthony insisted that the insurance company redo their inspection of our house and contents.
  • Meanwhile, we were staying at a temporary location.
  • Anthony was able to have insurance company reimburse us for additional living expenses.
  • The final offer was acceptable and we were relieved.
  • Anthony was superb in every way.
  • Always there to answer our questions, let us know what to expect.
  • I highly recommend Anthony Luparello"

Stanley - Nassau County

"The best in the biz! a pipe burst in my basement while I was on vacation. I called Anthony through a recommendation from two different people. Same Day Anthony was at my house along with a team clearing the water and drying out the basement. Completely took the burden off my family and exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks again for all of your hard work."